• Nail fungus - Intensive night treatment - PODERM

    Fungal nails night
    Intensive night treatment

    Works continuously for 8 hours. Fast, practical & hygienic. - 8ml
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  • nails brittle streaks dedouble - poderm nourishing

    Ridged, brittle and splitting nails

    Nourishing, Repairing & Beautifying Best-Seller - 8ml
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  • New yellow damaged nails serum

    Yellow, damaged nails

    Repairing & Smoothing Serum for Yellow, Stained, Damaged Nails - 8ml
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  • poderm soothing ingrown toenail

    Ingrown nails

    Soothes, softens and nourishes the nail and the healthy skin around the nail (cuticles, nail bed and folds) - 8ml
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  • New VERRUPRO - traitement verrue Poderm

    Hand and Foot Solution

    Efficiently and painlessly targets the skin zone affected by the verruca - 6 ml
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  • New capuchon orteil gel tea tree mycose des ongles Poderm

    Fungal nails
    Tea tree gel toe cap

    Prevents and offers protection from nail damage and/or lifting.
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  • New protection Poderm cors et oeil de perdrix- dispositif médical

    Hard & soft corns
    Arnica gel digitube

    Instantly relieves hard & soft corns (on toes). PATENTED ARNICA Gel. 2 x 7.5cm to cut to fit.
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  • fungal nails treatment poderm

    Fungal nails

    Eliminates the fungal infection & promotes nail renewal - 8ml
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  • New protection gel arnica hallux valgus Poderm (2)

    Hallux valgus
    Arnica gel protection

    Provides instant pain relief. PATENTED ARNICA Gel.
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  • mycose ongle difficile - poderm booster

    Stubborn fungal infections

    Halves the treatment time for fungal nails - 6ml
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  • New double protection gel arnica hallux valgus & douleurs plantaires Poderm

    Hallux valgus & plantar pain
    Dual protection

    Provides instant relief for bunions and the sole of the foot. PATENTED ARNICA Gel.
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  • New protection gel arnica contre les douleurs plantaire & durillons Poderm

    Plantar pain & calluses
    Arnica gel protection

    Immediate relief from plantar pain and plantar calluses/corns. PATENTED ARNICA Gel.
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  • mycosis of the foot - athlete's foot - mycosis spray Poderm

    Sensitive feet
    Purifiant Spray

    Tea Tree Purifiant Spray | Sensitive feet – Anti-odour and Antiperspirant for Feet – - 50ml
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  • food supplement mycosis nail poderm

    Food supplements
    Healthy nails

    Strengthens and hardens nails - hands & feet - 30 capsules
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  • New

    Nail strengthener
    Color Strong

    The first nail care hardening polish, which allows nails to breathe. - 8ml
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  • Tea Tree Nail Polish
    Color Care

    Purifying & Nourishing Nail Polish, corrects and camouflages yellow and damaged nails - 8ml
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