How was Poderm created?

Noting the lack of specialised products to treat her patients’ nails, Maud Falconnet began formulating her own treatments at a very early stage.

Thanks to her knowledge of nail anatomy and the therapeutic properties of plants, Maud Falconnet pays particular attention to designing a quality product that is above all effective. From then on, the PODERM adventure began.

What is special about the Poderm line ?

For each product, the plants used significantly improve the general health of the nail. They protect the nail from dehydration, external aggressions and ageing. Then, each treatment has its own particularity according to the needs of the nail.

What is the difference with other products ?

The 2-in-1 effect. Rich in vitamins necessary for the structure of the nails, Poderm first of all meets the needs of the nails in a general way and then brings a particularity to each of its treatments:

Antimycotic for the PURIFYING serum (Rosemary, Geranium, Organic Lemon)

Anti-inflammatory for the APAISANT serum (Organic sweet orange tree)

Repairer for the NOURISHING serum (Organic Ceylon)

Anti-haematoma for FORTIFYING SPORT serum (Organic Geranium)

Can the product be applied to all the nails when only one would need it ?

Of course, applying PODERM can only be beneficial for the nail. We use it a lot for prevention and we advise our clients to apply the oil-serum to all the nails on the feet or hands, even when only one is damaged. As far as nail fungus is concerned, there is no risk of contamination of the bottle.

How quickly can we see the results ?

From the very first application, an improvement in the quality of the nails can be seen.

What is the relationship with podiatrists ?

Podiatrists use the professional formats of the PODERM range and advise their patients to continue the treatment at home to ensure a satisfactory result. Podiatrists are familiar with the various  sales outlets.

What are the contra-indications ?

Pregnant women, diabetics and people with circulation problems should seek the advice of a health professional before using PODERM oil serums.

The Purifying Foot Spray is contraindicated for pregnant women and forbidden for children under 12.

The Food Supplement is contraindicated for pregnant women and forbidden for children under 10 years old. It may also be contraindicated with certain medical treatments. In this case, it is advisable to consult a doctor before taking the Food Supplement.

What are the recommendations for use ?

Apply a sufficient quantity of the treatment in the morning and/or evening to the nail and its contour. Insist on the grooves. One drop is sufficient. The serums are designed for 4 months of use and have a shelf life of 9 months.

We would like to point out that this is an oil-serum that penetrates the nail and the skin and not a varnish that leaves a film on the nail after each application.

Are the products really 100% natural ?

Yes, PODERM takes great care in the composition of its products, and guarantees the use of high quality natural ingredients and a sustainable supply. More than 30 botanical ingredients are used, most of which are certified organic; all are carefully selected for their effectiveness and their ability to restore healthy nails.

Can PODERM serums be applied to varnish ?

PODERM Color Care nail varnishes have been specially developed to be permeable to PODERM oil-serums.

Why are there variations in colour depending on the production batch ?

Our formulas do not contain any dyes and are 100% natural. The colour of the products may vary according to the harvest. Indeed, the colour of an oil changes according to the season of production, the temperatures and the sunshine. All our oils are organically grown, obtained by first cold pressing and do not undergo any treatment.

These changes have no impact on the quality of our products and are, on the contrary, a guarantee of quality!

Since the creation of the PODERM laboratories, more than 85,000 people have been treated and relieved of their nail pathologies with always the same objective: an excellent product for each need.