Become a Poderm® Ambassador

Become a Poderm® Ambassador

As a PODERM ambassador, you’ll have the opportunity to test our products and access our range in advance, all while celebrating excellence and contributing to the development of an engaged community.

Be among the first to receive the latest news, exclusive events, and collaboration opportunities by joining the PODERM® adventure today!

Why become a Poderm® Ambassador?

1 – Ensuring the Excellence of Our Products

Your feedback is invaluable to us. It ensures the quality and effectiveness of our formulations, praised by healthcare professionals worldwide.

2 – Participate in the Development of Innovative Products

Your voice guides our process of continuous improvement. Your feedback inspires us to create innovative formulations that cater to your needs, for increasingly effective results.

3 – Sharing an Authentic Experience

Your genuine testimonials are a source of inspiration for others. By sharing your experience on and social media, you contribute to creating a committed community where quality and naturalness are paramount.

Become an ambassador in 3 steps

Join us today to be part of this unique adventure and leave your mark in the world of foot and nail health with Poderm®!


We carefully review each application to select profiles that best match the products to be tested.

2 – TRY

Receive your Poderm® product and test it under optimal conditions by following the usage instructions.


Your authentic and transparent feedback helps our customers make informed decisions and find the product that suits their needs.


« I want to share best practices regarding foot and nail health. »

Maud Falconnet – Podiatrist and Founder of Poderm®

To delve deeper into our story, explore here the history of Poderm®, a Swiss laboratory specialized in developing products and methods of care to treat foot and nail pathologies.