A pantented health solution

Our story

As there were no effective products to treat the nail pathologies of her patients, Maud Falconnet, podiatrist in Geneva, invested in the research of natural and organic active ingredients that are effective in caring for and beautifying the nails.

She studies the most recurrent pathologies and formulates a range of serums that :

  • Treats the pathology
  • Prevents the onset or recurrence of the condition
  • Soothes foot ailments
  • Reconstructs and respects the nail matrix and nail bed
  • Intervenes in addition to a podiatry intervention
  • Provides a palliative treatment when the pathology is more complex (for example    ungual psoriasis, hyperkeratosis, scopulariopsisbrevicaulis).

Poderm was born in 2015, with more than one million satisfied customers worldwide.

Our values

We reveal the virtues of each plant for nail health while preserving our environment. Our medicinal plants are grown without chemicals. We then distil them to obtain 100% pure and natural essential and vegetable oils.

PODERM PROFESSIONAL was born in the service of podiatry, in order to offer the best care to patients suffering from nail pathologies. All our products are carefully formulated to respect the nail and the skin around the nail.

les valeurs de la marque Poderm
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Manufacturing process

The effectiveness of our active ingredients is proven by laboratory tests and clinical studies conducted by independent podiatrists and dermatologists.

Consumer safety is our priority. All our products are subjected to strict tests with rigorous clinical studies. We control the quality of our products according to international standards and regulations.

The PODERM PROFESSIONAL laboratory is dedicated to research and development as well as the design and production of natural and organic products, meeting the most demanding criteria of effectiveness.

Unique expertise

Thanks to our unique expertise in podiatry, our products & care protocols respect the nature of the nail, the nail bed and the nail matrix. We design effective and complete products as an alternative to aggressive allopathic therapies.

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