PODERM® is a Swiss laboratory specialized in the development of care products and methods to treat foot and nail pathologies, with patented technology based on concentrated natural ingredients.

Maud FALCONNET, Podologue à Genève

Unique expertise

Maud FALCONNET, a Podiatrist in Geneva, was confronted by a lack of solutions to treat the nail pathologies of her patients, suffering from numerous therapeutic failures.

Faced with this observation, in 2015 she developed the PODERM® METHOD, a patented treatment technique practiced in her office, and during her research she discovered a formulation principle with exceptional results that would later revolutionize the foot and nail health market.

PODERM® products are recommended every day by podiatrists and dermatologists around the world.

Patented technology

PODERM®’s know-how is based on patented and innovative technology in medical formulation and manufacturing.
The formulations are composed of 100% concentrated natural ingredients and guarantee maximum results.

Une technologie brevetée
Les produits PODERM® sont développés en Suisse

Swiss Made

PODERM® products are developed in Switzerland according to the highest quality standards in the world.
The effectiveness of the products and their maximum tolerances have been demonstrated by clinical studies.

PODERM® presents its clinical research at international scientific conferences.

PODERM® Clinic

Located in Geneva, the PODERM® CLINIC brings together a team of podiatrists specialized and trained in the PODERM® METHOD, a patented treatment protocol for nail pathologies.

Clinique PODERM®
PODERM Academy®

PODERM Academy®

PODERM ACADEMY® takes action in schools and independent clinics in order to train professionals in specific care methods to treat foot and nail pathologies.

PODERM ACADEMY® provides professionals with information that allows them to develop their expertise and give their patients the right advice.