A unique expertise

PODERM® est un laboratoire suisse spécialisé dans le développement de produits et de méthodes de soins pour traiter les pathologies du pied et de l’ongle, avec une technologie brevetée à base d’ingrédients naturels concentrés.

A unique expertise

Maud FALCONNET, Podiatrist in Geneva, is confronted with the lack of solutions to treat the nail pathologies of her patients, suffering from numerous therapeutic failures.

Faced with this situation, in 2015 she developed the PODERM® METHOD, a patented treatment technique used in her practice, and during her research she discovered a formulation principle with exceptional results that would later revolutionise the foot and nail health market.

PODERM® products are recommended every day by podiatrists and dermatologists around the world.

A patented technology

PODERM® know-how is based on patented and innovative technology in medical formulation and manufacturing.
The formulations consist of 100% concentrated natural ingredients and guarantee maximum results.

Swiss made

PODERM® products are developed in Switzerland according to the highest quality standards in the world.
The effectiveness of the products and their maximum tolerance have been proven in clinical studies.

PODERM® presents its clinical research at international scientific conferences.

PODERM® Clinic

Located in Geneva, the PODERM® CLINIC brings together a team of podiatrists specialised and trained in the PODERM® METHOD, a patented treatment protocol for nail pathologies.

PODERM Academy®

PODERM ACADEMY® intervenes in schools and independent clinics to train professionals in specific care methods to treat foot and nail pathologies.

PODERM ACADEMY® provides professionals with information to develop their expertise and communicate the right advice to their patients.