• Purifying Booster Duo

    Purifying + booster
    Pack X2

    Shortens the duration of your fungal nail treatment
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  • Nail fungus Duo

    Promo purifying
    Pack X2

    Eliminates fungus, repairs & clarifies nails
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  • Nail fungus Duo color care

    Purifying + tea tree nail varnish
    Pack x2

    2 complementary Best-Sellers against nail fungus
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  • mycosis pack

    Fungal nail treatment kit
    Pure box

    4 best sellers to quickly overcome nail fungus
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  • Pack Purifiant nourrissant Duo

    Purifying + Nourishing
    Pack X2

    Take advantage of the Nourishing set against dry, brittle and ridged nails and the Purifying set against nail fungus.
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  • Mycosis nails trio color care

    Purifying + booster + tea tree nail varnish
    Pack x3

    3 additional Best-Sellers against nail fungus
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